Company & Commercial Law

The Firm provides a broad range of services in many areas of corporate law. We are versed in the preparation of complex agreements, such as manufacturing and distribution contracts, buy and sell and shareholder arrangements and agreements for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, spin-offs and other forms of corporate restructuring. We deal regularly with the formation of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other business entities, particularly for international companies and individuals who seek to engage in business activities in Greece. We provide day-to-day advice to corporate clients on a variety of corporate issues, such as executive compensation and employment law, tax law and administrative law.

Our Firm has extensive experience in working with small to medium-size public companies to handle all aspects of their affairs related to securities. We handle Securities and Exchange Commission filings for these clients and frequently engage in compliance work for them as well. In addition, we provide legal services and advice to companies pursuing an initial public offering or private placement.

Our skill in assessing the value of small to medium-size public offerings and our relationships with accounting firms enable us to present an accurate determination of an offering’s financial soundness. Our Firm’s regular involvement with non-Greek companies and their executives often requires us to arrange for the lawful admission of non-Greek business people into Greece. As a result, we know what is needed to obtain all classes of business visas as well as other work visas. Since our partners and staff speak a wide variety of languages, communicating with non-English-speaking individuals is facilitated.