Our Office

Stavropoulos L.C. is an Athens based law firm serving an extensive range of domestic and international clients. We practise in all of the principal legal areas. The firm was established in 1984 by Dimitrios Stavropoulos and is large enough to handle substantial transactions yet still remains small enough to offer a personal partner led service.It provides legal services to multinational corporations, medium-size companies and private and publicly held small businesses in corporate and commercial law, litigation, real estate transactions, financing, international trade, securities registration and compliance, taxation, bankruptcy and trademark registration worldwide. The Firm represents individual clients in trust and estate planning, divorce and other family law matters.
The Firm is recognized for its international capabilities. Our knowledge of the legal and commercial requirements of many nations and our extensive international network of attorneys enable us to serve Greek clients with international operations and non-Greek clients conducting business in Greece. Our legal practitioners and staff are fluent in Greek, English, French, German and Spanish, which enhances our Firm’s ability to guide clients through the complexities of various legal systems.

Mission Statement

Our strategy is as simple as it is effective: A full service firm with national and international reach committed to providing our clients thorough and individual attention with a passion dedicated to mastering the technicalities and complexities of Greek Law and Procedure.