Real Estate

The Firm’s experience in the many forms of real estate transactions includes the purchase and sale of commercial and residential properties and the negotiation of commercial and residential leases, mortgage financing and construction loans. We have represented non-Greek citizens and entities in the purchase, management and maintenance of property in the territory of Greece and we know how to handle the inevitable tax issues that arise for international property owners. We also keep current with the changes in housing regulations in Greece. Our Firm works with architects and contractors on housing development and related matters, such as the purchase of building supplies and construction services.

For these five years passed, we have been systematically involved in administrating Title for numerous estates and a large number of private and corporate owners of property in Greece seeking to sort out, settle and confirm ownership, to the end of registering Title with The National Cadastre System. This system to replace the present system of mortgages and registrations in which property rights and title of ownership is registered and referenced under the legal entity/ties having property right and title.

As the aim of The National Cadastre System is to present an accurate description of property and an account of all right and title of ownership on each for the entire territory of Greece, we have developed valuable experience, knowledge and insight in the usually complex, detailed and involved work of collecting, comparing, confirming and registering this data, in and out of Court. As a result, we have acquired, along with an extensive database, valuable experience with property located in all provinces and islands of the Greek territory. Further, our legal practitioners are adept at locating potential problems with Title and equally capable in the resolution of these problems. Our experience in this field has been further enhanced by our involvement in the acquisition of large properties by method of successive purchases of smaller parts, to the end of creating the desired land required for development. This experience includes, but is by no means limited to, legal matters relating to forest and environmentally protected areas, church and monastery property and property protected and governed under archaeological and cultural legislation. Our interaction with these and other Public Authorities, including the Authority administrating state property (KED) is regular, consistent and ongoing